Pollock Wild caught in the finest fishing regions of the North Pacific.
All products are held to strict standards on taste and appearance.


Scientific Name: Theragra Chalcogramma
Country of Origin: China
Season: March Through November
Taste: Mild
Texture: Light, Flaky
Processing Method: Natural

Available Sizes_____________

  • 2-4oz. Fillets
  • 4-6oz. Fillets
  • 6-8oz. Fillets
  • 8-10oz. Fillets

Packaging Methods                   

IQF - Packed in 4 x 10 in 40lb Masters
Fillets are individually quick frozen
and packed bulk for ease of handling.


Why Should I Choose Western Edge Pollock ?

We understand the importance of maintaining margin in
your seafood program. We are committed to working with
you to help you achieve optimal profitability, whether with
our recognized national brand, Savory Seafood Grille, or
with your private label. Put our expertise to work for you to
stay ahead of changing market conditions to realize
buying opportunities.

Food Safety

We know that all fish are not farmed and processed equally.
We have put into place extensive quality control methods
that far exceed industry standards. Beyond our internal
quality control methods, we utilize accredited third party
inspection agencies as an added layer of security to
ensure food safety. This means our customers can rest
assured that their good name will be protected.

Continual Supply

As one of the premier suppliers of Tilapia in the U.S., we
understand the importance of the continual supply of product
for our customers. We have taken our expertise in sourcing
capabilities and applied it to all of the products we import,
working closely with the U.S. FDA and China’s CIQ to closely
monitor all aspects of the supply chain. This gives our
customers worry-free ad placement of seafood.

Master Cartons                           

Ocean Perch Fillets