Tilapia 1lb Retail Bags

Tilapia Retail BagFarm raised in ponds fed by pure mountain stream waters.
Grown in 100% natural conditions using no hormones or antibiotics.

Scientific Name: Oreochromis Mossambicus
Country of Origin: China
Season: Year Round
Taste: Mild
Texture: Tender
Processing Method: Izum Dai, Natural

Available Sizes____________

  • 2-3oz. Fillets
  • 3-5oz. Fillets

Packaging Methods                    

IVP - Packed in 10lb Masters
Fillets are individually quick frozen and
individually vacuum packed for freshness.


Why Should I Choose Western Edge Tilapia ?

Taste is Everything...
We know that all fish are not equal in matters of taste,
which is why we have very strict guidelines that our farms
and packers must follow in order to consistently produce
great tasting seafood. We do this to ensure that when you
open a box of Western Edge Seafood brand product, you
will have confidence that you are serving your family with
the best.

Food Safety
We know that all fish are not farmed and processed equally.
We have put into place extensive quality control methods that
far exceed industry standards. Beyond our internal quality
control methods, we utilize accredited third party inspection
agencies as an added layer of security to ensure food safety.
This means our customers can rest assured that the Western
Edge Brand seafood they are eating is tested and safe.

Healthy Choices
The health benefits of fish are well known and documented.
We make it easy for you to make good diet decisions for your
family by only offering you the highest grade seafood products.
Make Western Edge Brand seafood your choice three times a
week and realize these health benefits for yourself!

Master Cartons                           

Tilapia Fillets


Savory Seafood Grille
A Trusted Name
For over five years, the Savory Seafood Grille Brand has represented
Western Edge Seafood’s quality seafood products. Consumers across the country have
come to trust and rely on Savory Seafood Grille Brand seafood products to supplement
the healthy diet for their families. The Savory Seafood Grille product line will continue to
evolve and add more quality seafood products to our line, giving you even more variety
to choose from!